Assessment that supports learning and development of competencies

A few tips and tools for assessing collaborative, project-based and inquiry-based learning.

Collaborative learning promote deep learning and the development of competencies along with acquisition of knowledge and skills. Constructing knowledge in collaboration with others increases a deeper understanding of the subject matter. Central to the process is an active dialogue with other learners, questions and answers. It is process that helps learners incorporate and understand a number of points of view, solutions and many different ways of learning and doing things.

Collaborative learning, inquiry based learning and project based learning develop students’ interaction skills, social skills, media skills, creative skills, critical skills, ability to combine and filter various information sources and information, search skills, classification skills, etc…

Assessment  supports and guides their development.

What do we assess?                             

  • Interaction
  • Activity
  • Contributions
  • Altruism
  • Creativity
  • Processes

How do we assess?

  • Self-assessment
  • Peer-assessment
  • Observation
  • Apps
  • Digital tools
  • Entry and exit polls
  • Etc..

More information and tools in this Thinglink: Assessment


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