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Assessment that supports learning and development of competencies

A few tips and tools for assessing collaborative, project-based and inquiry-based learning. Collaborative learning promote deep learning and the development of competencies along with acquisition of knowledge and skills. Constructing knowledge in collaboration with others increases a deeper understanding of the subject matter. Central to the process is an active dialogue with other learners, questions … Continue reading

Teacher training and technology in education

Finnish media has been obsessed with the sale of Nokia mobile phone business to Microsoft. Another success story just like it is not very likely. A single innovative company creating thousands of jobs in Finland and an unprecedented amount of wealth is not in the cards. New firms that can fill the void are needed. … Continue reading

An interview about the Finnish Education A London- based tutoring company interviewed me about the Finnish education. 

The Times They Are a-Changin’, but what is the course education is taking?

  The pace of societal and technological change places increasing demands on individuals and communities yet schools seem to dawdle when they could and they should be fully engaged in the development. The task of basic education is to raise adults of the future, help prepare them for jobs that may not exist yet and … Continue reading


BETTer? BETT  is the annual “pop-up department store” for education professionals and decision makers and the European edition is organized in London every January. An immense crowd and a large number of companies gather in the exhibit halls of Olympia to improve the quality of teaching and learning. Does BETT deliver? The quality of the conference … Continue reading

Future learning

The future of learning   Canadian born André Noël Chaker, who has lived in Finland for over two decades wrote a book about the Finnish miracle. He sketches a pathway of opportunities and lists characteristics necessary for success. On his list are things like open mind, trial and error, hard, smart work, sisu (tenacity, not … Continue reading

We do not test, we trust

A fellow blogger wrote in the aftermath of the London riots about the need to opening our eyes to systemic injustice. Doug Belshaw wrote about the school system that kicks out up to twenty percent of its students out of school functionally illiterate, innumerate and socially dysfunctional. Things can change and it does not have … Continue reading

Finnish basic education in Kauniainen gives tools for a good life

Finnish basic education in Kauniainen gives tools for a good life Introduction In Kauniainen, Finland there is an ambitious initiative to entirely re-think the purpose and experience of the school for the purpose of equipping the pupils for jobs that don’t yet exist in this fast-changing world. Kauniaisten Suomenkielinen koulutoimi (Local Finnish language School Authority) … Continue reading

Management and administrative structures in education in Finland and in Singapore

MANAGEMENT AND ADMINISTRATIVE STRUCTURES IN EDUCATION IN SINGAPORE AND IN FINLAND A comparative look This article compares similarities and differences in two national systems both of which have produced excellent results in international comparisons. Introduction Comparative visions and social covenant Singapore and Finland, similarities and differences National educational organizations and management models Drivers of success … Continue reading

Sustainability as a core value at Kasavuori School

Summary Finland may be regarded as a world leader in education, but we are restlessly transforming education itself. We would like to involve Eden participants in this very practical journey. The example school is the widely recognized Kasavuori School, a participant in 2010 Eden. We will demonstrate the following: The new concept of sustainability — … Continue reading